Frequently Asked Questions

Q.. How big is the unit - will it fit on my drive 

A... We have various units and solutions but a general rule of thumb is that you will need a driveway of at least 20 ft in length - a good guide is that an average car is around 14ft long

Q... How long can I keep the unit on my property

A... We are very flexible on this as we aim to give a super service based on convenience. Take as long as you need within reason then contact us to collect

Q... How can I pay for my unit

A... We can accept most standard means of payment including cash, credit card, debit card, visa, paypal, direct debit etc. - enquire for more details

Q... Are my belongings insured

A... Yes your belongings are fully insured when stored in our facility- talk to our team for more details on levels of cover

Q... Can I visit the facility and take something out of my unit

A... Yes - just call us to arrange a time and we will have your unit ready for you when you arrive

Q... Are there things I cant store in my unit

A... There are some items which cannot be stored such as cash, valuables such as jewellery, toxic substances, flammble liquids etc. contact our team or request a copy of our terms and conditions for further details.




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