Student Storage Solutions

Dublin student self storage units

Whether you're moving home for the summer, travelling or emigrating we have a tailored student storage solution to suit your needs.

Summer storage  - Why bring all your belongings home during the summer? We can load you up in May and we will store for the summer and leave back at your new address in September - it's cheaper than bringing family or friends to collect and return your belongings (see some pricing examples below)

 Summer Storage Examples

  • Cardboard Box 45cm x 45cm x 45cm approx       =      €30        (less than €2 per week) *
  • Bicycle                                                                                       =      €30        (less than €2 per week) *
  • Suitcase                                                                                    =      €40        (€2.50 per week approx) *
  • Desk 100cm x 75cm x 75cm                                           =      €45        (€2.80 per week approx) *
  • Buddy Storage 7ft x 6ft x 4ft cube                              =      €250      €15 per week approx) *

*All of the above include collection and return and are inclusive of vat. Prices are indicative - give our team a call and we will put a package together to best suit your needs  

I'm emigrating - We can store your belongings for as long as you require and we also offer services whereby we can ship your belongings when you are ready to receive them

I'm travelling - Put your things in storage for safe keeping - when you return we can deliver to your door

Export of belongings to new home - Moving to a new country can be daunting. Why not leave your belongings with us and when you are happy you have made the right move and are not coming back then we can arrange to ship your belongings from our facility to you new home - contact our team for more information



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