10 Reasons to Choose Mobile Storage Services

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We are confident we are the best in the business and our offering is totally unique in the marketplace but we thought it would be helpful to document 10 good reasons why you should choose us as your storage provider of choice.

Convenience – when you deal with Mobile Storage Services for your self storage needs you never have to leave your front door. Unlike traditional methods of storage where you have to follow the truck to your chosen facility and unload your belongings, you do your loading at your doorstep when dealing with us and that is it. You leave the rest to us. You lock the unit on your drive and you keep the key
End to end solution – We offer an end to end solution which encompasses both transport and storage in one offering. There is no need to pay two companies to arrange transport and fill out the endless forms at the storage facility. We handle the whole process in the comfort of your own home. We offer a comprehensive range of self-storage options for households, businesses and students.
Reduced Handling – When we return to our facility we unload the complete cube. We don’t handle your belongings. They remain within your cube at all times. We unload with the aid of a conveyor and cover for protection.
Reduced likelihood of damage – Because handling is reduced by 66% above when compared with conventional practices the likelihood of damage is greatly reduced. Although accidents will happen as we are all human you can rest assured that your goods are fully covered should the need for a claim arise but we pride ourselves on our record on damage.
Insurance - Our advanced cover of €6,000 per cube or per 100 square foot is 50% more than the industry norm. We can offer enhanced cover for your storage needs because we don’t expect to cause any damage to your goods.
Putting the customer back in control – We can drop our units with you and leave with you at no extra cost to give you time to load your belongings for storage. You are not against the clock like other providers so take your time and load in the most economic way or over the weekend or on an evening when you don’t have to take off work.
We can help loading - We also offer a service where we will help you to load your unit “Free Of Charge” !!!! When the driver arrives with you they can help you to load your unit in the best possible manner to get the most from your self storage unit. We can offer this service free of charge because it negates the need to return to collect the storage cube.
Response time – Within reason we can react to a request to return your belongings within 24 hours, so if you decide today that you want your belongings back on your drive or at your business premises tomorrow we can arrange at short notice.
Value for money – We don’t claim to be the cheapest in the business but we do claim to offer the best value for money. We are competitive on price and within that pricing structure we can offer an end to end solution unlike our competition
We Care – I know it sounds corny but genuinely we care and that makes us different. We are a wholly Irish owned company with a small dedicated crew of people. We are not a multi-national franchise operation and therefore attention to detail is uppermost in our minds at all times. The two directors have more than 40 years of logistical experience in management within the multi-national sector. Don’t take our word for it when we say we care but rather listen to our customers. Within reason we will always have carried out a job in your area and will give you details of people in your area that we have carried out work for. They can tell you their experience of dealing with Mobile Storage Services.

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