10 Storage Tips For A Stress Free Move

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At Mobile Storage Services we want your move or location to storage to be as stress free as possible. Let’s face it, it is a difficult time but if you follow our simple tips below we can hopefully make it as streamlined as possible for you. We think that some of the tips below are straight forward but others might seem a bit deep as they are based on human psychology but we genuinely do believe they make a difference.

1. De-clutter

Ask yourself some difficult questions. Have I used this over the last 12 months? Within reason if you have not used it you might not need to store it. When your belongings are returned or moved to your new home they may not fit. If it is not expensive or of personal value to you maybe now is the time to think of selling on and replacing when you need to. It will save you money in the long run.

2. Organise your move

Set a reasonable schedule and due dates which you can adhere to. Decide what packing materials will be needed after examining what is going. In our experience, more time spent planning this phase will result in financial savings in the long run. Also, use our handy checklist to help.

3. Use medium sized boxes

There is a common misconception when it comes to boxes. Most people want to purchase larger boxes in the false assumption of saving money and time. Although we sell all sizes of box, in our experience it is best to purchase medium boxes for your move. Packing your belongings into larger boxes results in crushing of belongings at the bottom of the box and having to remove too much to get to what you want urgently when your belongings are returned. Also when packing a larger box the natural thing to do is get as much into it as possible therefore leaving it a two person lift. The other thing to remember is the bigger the box the less flexibility you have when loading for storage. Smaller boxes result in more flexibility when it comes to how to load. They are generally lighter and can be stored in free space in your unit unlike larger boxes and now for the good news – “guess what - they work out cheaper” !!!!!

4. Link boxes to rooms

We are creatures of habit so when you return your belongings from storage they are very likely to end up in the same rooms they came out of, so when loading each room colour code them so that various boxes when unloaded go directly to the type of room they came from. A tip which most storage companies might not like to highlight due to loss of business is to use easy peel labels or electricians tape is another option which is very inexpensive but is an effective way to allow you to remove the labels or coloured tape when your belongings are returned and you can then sell on the packaging on various sites such as Donedeal, E-bay, Gumtree etc.

5. Take photos with your digital camera or smartphone

When you are thinking of linking boxes as outlined above it might be an idea to identify the 10 most important things in each room and take photos of them in that room so that you can identify by association with each room. That way you at least have a fair idea of where important things are stored. You may also wish to take a photo of the general layout of furniture in a particular room so that you can show to your builder etc. if discussing changes to room or planning rooms in a new home. It will also help for insurance purposes should damage occur during the packing process.

6. Charge your phone

What did we ever do before mobile phones? You know how much we have become dependent on our phones and a move is a particularly demanding time for our precious devices. Make sure not to pack the charger or misplace on the day. Trying to contact family members to confirm things, estate agents, solicitors, builders etc. without a fully charged phone is a real pain.

7. Be aware of children’s needs

This is a very important one which a lot of people seem to overlook in the malaise of activity. Children get very stressed by a change to their living environment. Adults will have a good idea of why the work or move is taking place but children may not want to understand why you are taking away their toys. Their span of attention is shorter and their needs are more immediate. Try where possible to explain as much of the process as possible to them and get them involved in the packing process. If they are going to say goodbye for a period of time to their possessions make sure they get to make that call and keep their favourite toy or jumper. Believe us when we tell you it makes a big difference.

8. Outdoor equipment and foodstuffs

When it comes to outdoor equipment it tends to be bulky. If storing your belongings remember that space costs money so now might be the time to sell the trampoline or patio set and replace at a later stage. If storing things such as lawnmowers make sure that they have been drained of fuel etc. Equipment such as this is stored outside the home for a reason !!! Lawnmowers etc. can leave a smell of grass on other items which you are storing such as bed clothes etc. The same thing goes for foodstuffs. When you have identified that you need storage begin to use up foodstuffs. They can go out of date in storage and also foods which are used infrequently such as spices, baking supplies etc. again can taint whatever is stored next to it. It might be wiser to use up and replace when your belongings are returned.

9. Listen to your favourite music

This is a novel one but “it works”. Moving your belongings to a self-storage facility or packing for a move to a new home is stressful no matter how you do it. Even if you employ Mobile Storage Services to give you an end to end process solution including packing you will still be required to make important decisions about what is packed and how it is packed so put on some of your favourite music. It does two things. It calms the mind at a potentially stressful time and it creates association. Research has shown that when carrying out similar activities we can recollect much easier if we can re-create the same situation. By listening to the same music when unloading your belongings tests have shown very positive results when remembering what you packed into each box. It sounds crazy but it works !!!!

10. Treat yourself

Okay, let’s face it. Nobody would choose to spend hours or days packing their belongings. It is fair to say it would be viewed more as a chore than a fun activity. Therefore when putting your plan together build in a treat at the end of the process which can act as a reward for all your hard work. It can be a nice meal at your favourite restaurant (remember your kitchen equipment might be packed !!) or it could be as simple as picking up that book in the bookshop that you have been meaning to read for some time but never got around to and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea. Think about it – our minds work on a rewards platform. Why else would we have weekends and holidays etc. so treat your move or storage in the same way, set yourself a prize for when you achieve your goal. If you have children it is also a way of helping them cope with the stress of the change which is taking place. An evening at the movies with popcorn and feet up can be appealing for the whole family when the job is done !!!!

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