6 Indispensable Packaging Products

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Mobile Storage Services has been involved in the Removals and Storage of household belongings for many years now so we have lots of helpful tips which will make your task easier and less stressful. Basically the important thing to remember is to pack your goods in such a way as to ensure no loss or breakage and to make the best of the space you have. Feel free to contact our teampac if you need any help when moving house or if you need any assistance when preparing to pack up your valuables.

Correct Size Storage Boxes

Our removals team advise you use various sized boxes. For instance small boxes are more suitable for books as they may be heavy.  Medium sized boxes are good for breakable products which will need to have additional protective wrapping to ensure no breakages. Larger sized boxes are ideal for clothing, linen ware or lighter items. Do not plastic bags for heavy or jagged items as they may get ripped and will suffer from lack of ventilation. Call our team on 01-5310800 if you would like to get more information on our packaging offerings.

Good Quality Tape

Good quality tape is essential for successful packing of your belongings. Remember that the tape must be a good width and have quality adhesive. Cheap tape may seem like a bargain but remember that the adhesive may not be strong enough or may perish and could result in heavy boxes opening and becoming damaged. Mobile Storage Services can advise on the best type of tape for your job.

Small Plastic Bags

When moving house you will no doubt have lots of nuts, bolts, screws or picture holders. For example your beds may be broken into a number of parts and the screws will be required when you go to assemble it in your new home. It is important to group these small items with the main item, put them in to a see through plastic bag or ziplock bag and attach to the main item. These plastic bags are ideal as they remain with the main piece of furniture and they are also see through so will save the time and effort of searching through boxes.


We offer various types and size of labels. When planning your move or when moving in to a self storage centre please remember to label all you items. It may seem obvious that you will remember which box you put your favourite plate or book into but it does not always work out that way. We regularly see customers scratching their head wondering where to start searching for something which they need urgently. Make sure that the labels are large enough to read from a distance and also to allow you put sufficient description on them. Some of your goods may not be unpacked for quite a while so attention to correct labelling will pay dividends. Don’t forget to mark your packaging ‘FRAGILE’ & ‘THIS WAY UP’ etc where necessary.  It is also a good idea to do an inventory of all your items. Contact our team at Mobile Storage Services for an inventory template. This will prove to be an invaluable asset when you are setting up in your new home.

Dark Coloured Water Resistant Marker

Dark Coloured Water Resistant Markers are a must when labelling your goods.  The dark colour is easily readable. If your marker is water resistant you ensure that if your goods are being loaded or moved on a very wet day all the print will remain in place. This sounds basic but we often see where our customer uses a pen which comes off with the rub of a hand or a few drops of rain. Imagine the disappointment after all the effort to see your marker has washed away. Contact the team at Mobile Storage Services for advice on which marker to use.

Bubble Wrap & Scissors

No removal job would be complete without lots of Bubble Wrap and few good Pairs of Scissors. Bubble Wrap comes in various sizes and thickness. Our removal team would be happy to advise on which type best suits your needs. A few pairs of scissors and you are ready to start packing!!!

A brief word of advice from the Removals Team at Mobile Storage Services –

‘A little planning goes a long way towards the Speedy and Painless Packaging of your Belongings’.

Call us today on 01-5310800 to find out how we can help you.


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