Storage Tips This Christmas

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It’s almost upon us. The Christmas season has begun and it’s time to start planning for loved ones coming home and stocking up on Christmas cheer and food. At Mobile Storage Services we thought we would share some simple Christmas “wisdoms” with you to ensure you have the most pleasant and hassle free Christmas.

Food for the festive season

Do a clear out

I know it sounds like work but plan what you are going to need for the season and it will save you time and money. Clear out your freezer this week and use up the nosh that has built up in it. It can be a way of starting Christmas early by enjoying the delights that are presently in it !!! Also use the clear-out as an opportunity to dump out of date food. Food popped into the freezer this time last year does not need to be kept for posterity !!! Another tip is to leave a shelf out of the fridge or freezer for Christmas for the turkey or large joints of meat. You can refit the shelf in the New Year on your way out the door to walk off those extra pounds. I know this goes against the tips above, but from personal experience if you do have a chest freezer with space, stock up on ice as this seems to be the one thing that shops run out of every year.

Make a list

When shopping do up a list of what you need and stick to it. I recently read an article where it claimed 70% of all food purchased for Christmas is dumped. If that figure is correct it is a sad reflection on our society and we should try to do something about it. If you stick to your list you will be able to store everything needed in your cupboards and fridge. The other thing to think about is if you are an old dinosaur like me you will remember a time when shops closed for 4-5 days after Christmas Eve. This obviously doesn’t happen today but the problem is that a lot of the mums and dads come from an era when it did. The message is little and often and be assured the food will still be on the shelves on 26th December!!

Seperate non-perishable food items

Another tip would be to look around your house and identify non-perishable foods such as items in jars etc. and foods that will not be affected negatively in the short term by a cold climate. Together with alcohol and tins of sweets they can be stored in a garage or shed but if you have teens around you might want to contact us at Mobile Storage Services for a good sturdy lock for that shed with all that alcohol around.


Clear out a cupboard in the kitchen or dining room if you have one. Ideally close to the kitchen or dining room table. Use this as your workstation for the family to pack presents. Every year I find wrapping paper and bits of ribbon lying around and sticky tape stuck to sides of beds etc. so set up a workstation where all the family can pack in a controlled manner. There will probably be a rush for use of the workstation on Christmas Eve so with a little planning you will be ahead of the rush and get to use the nicest wrapping paper!!

Shoe boxes

Somebody is likely to get footwear for Christmas so instead of discarding the boxes keep them as they make perfect storage boxes for things like Christmas lights and fragile decorations when the season has ended. You can also store all your Christmas cards in them from this year to act as a reminder when sending out your cards for next year

Donate old toys

Do a clear-out after the big guy has gone. Hopefully “Big Red” has left your children with lots of new toys and their bedrooms and playrooms are only so big so what better way to give something back than to agree with your child to donate some old toys to a charity shop. I recently watched Toy Story 3 and at the end of the movie, Andy was heading off to college and his poor little toys were going to be cast aside but instead he gave them to a little girl in his neighbourhood and they started a whole new life. Talk to your children about this story or maybe even watch the movie together over Christmas.

How to create that extra space for family and friends

Most of us have loved ones coming home for Christmas be it from afar or maybe just your children coming over for the day and then decide they don’t want to make their way back home. Prepare for their stay and in almost every house we visit there is lots of unused space in the home. Free up some space by storing under beds, on top of wardrobes, inside lightly used wardrobes and dressers and possibly store some awkward pieces in the garage. If you choose to store outside make sure the area is dry and weather proof.

Sleeping arrangements

The biggest challenge is always sleeping arrangements and we find that air mattresses (NOTE: buy a good quality one) are an inexpensive means of accommodating family and friends. The good ones are comfortable and can be tucked away to save on storage during the day. Another trick is to put two couches together and get the kids to sleep in their new “den” and that will free up beds for adults.

Short term storage

The last option would be to identify seasonal clothes, sports equipment and anything that won’t be needed over the festive period and give them to us at Mobile Storage Services for safe keeping. Unlike other providers we thrive on short term storage so can store for literally a day if you are having a party or for as long as you wish. We can also arrange collection and return when it suits you and as you will know at this stage your belongings are never touched as we unload the complete cube. We are open for business during the Christmas period so give us a call if you need our services and in the meantime have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all the team at Mobile Storage Services.

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