Things to Remember when Choosing a Removal Company

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Moving is a stressful time. Hiring the right removals company can make the process much easier. Hiring the wrong one can make it a nightmare.

Get Recommendations

Get recommendations from family and friends. The best way to employ somebody for moving your valuables is to talk to those who you trust who may have experiences of moving. Trust us, anyone who has ever used a removal or moving company will have opinions of their movers be they good or bad. Good removal companies operate primarily through word of mouth so they may not be highest in your searches. Try to focus on local companies as you are likely to be able to get feedback more easily on their work. Also keep an eye out for reviews of how good or bad they are.

Do your homework

Never settle for the first removals company you find unless they come recommended. It’s always best to get at least 3 quotations and make sure they are all quoting for the same service. A lot of companies will use the “grab” to gain the business but do not spell out exactly what is covered in their quote. Ideally if you can; ask for a fixed price within reason. In other words unless the job takes a lot longer than anticipated they should be able to give you a price that they can stand over. Avoid a simple model of price per hour because you will end up paying a lot more than you think in our experience. Try where possible to ensure all movers visit your home to give you a quote. Apart from being difficult to give a price over the phone you can also use the meeting as a means of engaging with the company and evaluate their professionalism and responsiveness.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You would be amazed how many home owners have fears or doubts in their their minds but don’t want to ask the question. WHY ?? You are the customer so you are entitled to know what you are getting. Ask them to explain the pricing policy clearly. What is covered in the quotation. What is not covered. What is covered under their insurance policy. etc. etc.

Get your priorities right

Price is very important but it is not everything. If you hire a mover based solely on price you are likely to be sacrificing other more important things such as delivering on their promise to you. The object of the exercise is to move your belongings on time and in one piece !!

Schedule your move

Try to schedule your move mid-month or mid-week as weekends are the busiest times for movers and avoiding those peak times could mean a lower price and certainly will lead to a fresher and well rested team who are focused exclusively on your job rather than jumping from one job to another.

Pack as much stuff as your can

Pack as much of your stuff yourself as possible especially if your moving date is a few weeks away. Nobody cares for your belongings as much as you no matter how careful they are and something what looks like nothing to a mover could mean the world to you. Start as early as possible and that way you can pack a box or two every day and make sure to create an A4 listing with an itinerary of what is where. When boxes start arriving at your new home it is important to get the boxes delivered as close as possible to their final position. A tip would be to put colour coded labels on each box. For example all boxes for the kitchen are written on a yellow label, everything for the bedrooms are in green etc. That way the movers can position boxes exactly where you want them.

Moving is a stressful time so be warned!

Understand that moving is a stressful time so if possible ask a friend or family member to help you pack. For whatever reason your move takes place there will be a lot of memories be they good or bad from the property you are leaving so being able to do it with some companionship is a big help.

Choose your self-storage facility wisely

Choosing the right moving company is very important but choosing the perfect storage facility in-between moves is just as important. At Mobile Storage Services we are proud that we can provide an “end to end” service where we can look after your move and store in-between without touching your belongings. We are dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions to meet your needs. Our offering is unique in the marketplace and our professional and knowledgeable staff, convenient locations, modern facilities and competitive pricing are key ingredients in our offering. We strive to ensure the move is as seamless as possible for our clients and we are both sensitive and attentive to your needs and work hard on customer service. Call our team for a no obligation quote today.

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