Times in Your Life When You Will Need Storage

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They say in life that “we are here for a good time not a long time” and it got me to thinking about the different times during your life when you might turn towards self storage as a solution for your needs. Self Storage as a service and particularly Mobile Storage Services offers great flexibility and we are there for you during life’s “big moments” and we thought it would be helpful to look at why we can make such a bold claim !!

Moving home

At Mobile Storage Services we offer a flexible and convenient removals service for all our clients. Although we are a storage provider we can also move you from A to B with the minimum of fuss and in particular we have found an explosion of business in the area of short term storage and removals. Our clients are experiencing difficulties with the transfer of funds through banks or obtaining keys when solicitors are involved and we are the perfect provider of a service whereby we collect your belongings, store for a minimum period be it a day, a week or a month and when we get the call we deliver to your new home and the real prize is the fact that we never actually remove your belongings from the unit. They will arrive at your new property exactly as they were loaded on your drive.


When you are thinking of renovating your home think Mobile Storage Services. We are the only company in the country who can arrive on site and leave a unit on your property to allow you to carry out short term renovations. We also offer the flexibility whereby you can load and we can take away and store for a short period if you don’t want to store onsite. We can even load it for you free of charge if you wish, and with the government grant scheme to allow you to claim back vat on such work there has never been a better time to get your home renovated.


We are getting a lot of inquiries about long term storage while people move abroad for work assignments or in some cases just a change of direction for a period of time. During that time you may decide to rent your property out but don’t want your best furniture damaged so why not think of putting your treasured pieces into storage and kit out the house with some used furniture which can be replaced when you return. It makes sense and for those who are willing to store for long periods of time we have some super offers. Just pick up the phone and talk to our team.

Freeing up space

There are many reasons why you want to make some extra space in your home. Maybe you have people coming home to stay with you for a period of time. Like me, maybe you have found that children who have flown the nest are returning to the fold for various reasons. It could be that you just need that extra space for a family event or occasion. Whatever your needs we offer the flexibility and convenience of a solution for all of the above. We thrive on the short term storage market and can offer a quick and economical solution when you need it.

Selling your home

Space is now at a premium most especially in the greater Dublin area and surrounding counties. We have identified a strong need for a de-cluttering service when you are trying to sell your home. If people are coming to view your home the first thing they are looking for is use of space. What better way is there of giving off the right impression than removing a lot of furniture etc. to give the impression of space. The estate agents who invite you into show houses don’t fit very small specially designed furniture for the fun of it. They know the formula works. So why not trust us with some of your belongings for a short period when selling your property and best of all look out for our special deals where we will strongly incentivise such storage when you commit to moving home with us when the deal has been completed.

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Sadly we all have to deal with them. It could be a burst pipe in the attic or flooding due to inclement weather or subsidence due to Pyrite damage, whatever the problem we’ve got your back covered. We can be with you within hours and can offer storage onsite or take away your belongings until you get your problem sorted. We are fully registered for vat and are fully tax compliant and therefore can and do work with insurance companies to allow you to claim back the cost of such storage. We also offer a convenient and respectful service to those who have lost loved ones who need to create temporary space within their home to allow for arrangements.

I could go on and on when I reflect on some of the strange and wonderful situations we find ourselves dealing with but the message we want to get out there is that we “care”. We are a small Irish owned business who are there to help solve the challenges you will face throughout your life so to wrap up the message is “get on with living” and if we can help we will !!!!

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