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Irish people are only coming to terms with self storage in more recent years when compared against our UK counterparts and certainly compared against USA or Australia but they still don’t know in great numbers that self storage in the Irish marketplace has quickly moved on from static sites along the M50 etc who do a wonderful job might I add but the solution for today’s world is Mobile whereby the solution comes to you.

-          Security

Unlike static sites mobile storage cubes are stored on racking systems where only the site manager has access to your units. You can of course access your own belongings as a customer but nobody else’s. There is nobody walking up and down the aisles at 3.00am in the morning and you are not paying a premium on your rental for lighting etc. for brightly lit corridors when you don’t need them

-          Convenience

At Mobile Storage Services we offer an “End To End” process. We are the only company in the marketplace who are offering such a service. We can come and load all your belongings for you, lock on your drive and hand you the keys and bring back your cube to our facility for  safe keeping and return when you want them back within 24 hours. All of which allows you to get on with your busy life.

-          Reduced handling

Our management team have worked at a high level in the European logistics world and those who know the sector refer to “touches”. This simply means the number of times you have to touch a product to get it to its end destination. The best example to use would be a piano. With conventional self storage you will need to load the piano onto a truck. You will need to unload from the truck at the storage facility. You will need to place into your chosen storage room. And you must do it all again in reverse when your stay has been completed. That is 6 touches. With our storage solution your piano is touched while being loaded and again when it is unloaded upon completion. In between, it never leaves the cube. That is two touches or a 66% reduction in handling of your treasured belongings.

-          Flexibility

We keep things simple and put you back in control. There is no need to hire trucks (remember you can only drive small units on a standard licence and some insurance companies may not transfer your insurance to a commercial vehicle). The simple forms which cover you for insurance are signed at your door and if you want to load yourself, then we can leave it with you and allow you within reason as much time as you want to load.

So in conclusion I would like to say self storage while not for everybody is the right way to manage your belongings and most of the so called “hotels for your goods” facilities are very professionally run and do a damn good job but there is a simpler way which is stress free and offers an “End To End” solution which is literally available at your door with Mobile Storage Services.

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